20th Apr 2021

Interview with Ana Trincanu

-Where did you get inspiration to set up UKDiscountHub? Well, I got the job at a digital company straight after university and was very passionate about technology overall. I have heard about a company that was set up with £200 investment and was then sold for £65 million. I guess this was a very impressive story, that inspired me to create my own business. -What do you like the most about your job? I love that having my own business, I am the one to decide which company I want to work with and which products I can advertise or not. If I feel that some products go against my values, I stop promoting them. This gives me a piece of mind, because when I used to work for different organizations, sometimes I had to advertise products that I believed could be a bad influence on people. Most of the time organization are all about money, so if something brings money, people simply sell them. -Which companies do you avoid working with? Definitely, gambling companies, even if it is very profitable to work with betting companies and online casinos, I still say "no". I do not have anything against them, I even can visit those places myself with friends. I have been to a casino twice and had a great time there. However, I know that some people can be highly addicted to that and it can negatively impact their lives. So I do not want to help gambling companies to get more customers, because some of them might not be able to control themselves. It is a totally personal thing and having my own business helps me to enjoy the work I am doing by choosing the companies I like to work with.  
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