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Chain Reaction Cycles has a very wide range of bikes, from bike trailers to cyclo cross bikes, from electric bikes to mountain bike.

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More About Chain Reaction Cycles

The Chain Reaction Cycles started their journey in 1984 in Nothern Ireland. It was initially a small as a small family business, that was supporting serving local cyclists. Since then it's they created internet shopping. Nowadays, Chain Reaction Cycles and is the UK's biggest online bike shops. They have a collection of reputable brands such as Shimano, Continental, Rock Shox and many more. Their website is not only selling products but also has a massive list of blogs that come with handy tips. You can stay updated on what is going on in the cycling world, by reading the news about all things cycling. They have a great variety of different bikes types offering great discounts and promos across various products and brands. By the way, did you know that they have over 500 brands! So let's explore their categories together:

Chain Reaction Cycles BMX Bikes 

BMX Bikes are ideal for freestyle riding and stunts. Their range of stunt bikes are available in different wheel sizes, multiple colours and BMX handlebars. Check out ukdiscounthub website regularly to get a great deal on BMX bikes.

Cyclo Cross Bikes 

Cyclo Cross bikes are very versatile and strong, overcome grass, gravel, forest and many other tough surfaces. Cyclo Cross is also known as road bikes or gravel bikes, which are named after the shape of the road. Those bikes are designed with large volume tyres with lightweight carbon to resilient steel frames. 

 Electric Bikes 

We all know how much fun regular cycling can be. We can cycle to one location and then get a bit tired, but still, we need to cycle back. So why not get yourself a bit of support with an electric bike. The electric motor will facilitate your pedalling and make your journey even more enjoyable. Please note that you still need to pedal on electric bikes, but it is just easier. And you regret not buying an electric bike when you go up the hill. 

Kids Bikes

Introduce young riders to the excitement of cycling with good quality kids bikes available to buy at Chain Reaction Cycles. There is a good range of bikes depending on how experienced are young riders. You can find anything you need, from advanced mountain biked to beginner push bikes. 

 Hybrid & City Bikes

Do you need a great bike for commuting, mountain biking or leisure rides, then look no further. Check out a great selection of cycle hybrids discounts at ukdiscounthub. If you like to ride around the city then have a look at the range of city bikes at Chain Reaction Cycles.

Chain Reaction Cycles Road Bikes

Road biked are equipped with lightweight frames, narrow tyres and drop handlebars. Road bikes are there for you to enjoy a comfortable and quick road riding experience. There's a great range of road bikes to choose from pro-level race to just want a speedier commute. So once you select a great road bike, do not forget the road bike discount on ukdiscounthub, and you might get your favourite road bike from Chain Reaction Cycle at a more affordable price.

 TT Bikes

Level up your race with TT bikes. If you like speed, then these professional bikes will help you to enjoy a rapid speed. Check out discounts and promos for TT bikes at Chain Reaction Cycles. 

 Frames and Forks

You can buy not only Bikes, but it is also worth checking their Frames and Forks section. You can buy affordable BMX Frames, Cycle-Frames, different Forks and Frame Protection. If you need good and cheap frame spares and MTB frames, then go no further. 

Cycling components

We all know that just a bike on its own will not make your journey comfortable. They knew about this, and they want to make your journey the most comfortable ever. Check out their wide range of components:
  • Bar ends
  • Bar ends plugs
  • BMX seats
  • Brake Cables
  • Bottom Brackets
  • Brake Levers
  • Brake pads
  • Cassettes
  • Brakes spares
  • Chain Guides
  • Chainring Bolts
  • Chain Tugs
  • Chainrings
  • Chains
  • Cranksets
  • Crank Bolts
  • Derailleurs
  • Gear Cables 
and many more


When you are on a ride, it is important to wear an anti-pollution mask, and you can buy it at Chain Reaction Cycles.  When you are on the ride, your arms are hardly moving and due to the wind, your arms can become cold. So you should direct buying arm warmers and gloves at a good and affordable price. Also, it is important to wear not simply sport clothes for a ride, but the correct outfit, so that you will feel comfortable sitting and not get too cold or too hot. With a great selection of pants and jackets, you can find the perfect outfit you need. Check out ukdiscounthub to find cycling clothes discounts from Chain Reaction Cycling.


Even if you are an experienced biker, anything can happen on the road, and it might not even be your fault. So it is always a good thing to stay safe and have the right protection. Check out Chain Reaction discounts for body armour, helmets, goggles and neck braces.

Nutrition and Training

Some people love cycling for fun and stress release; others take it a bit more serious and use cycling as a form of exercise and stay fit. If your one of those who likes keeping fit while riding a bike, then check out Chain Reaction Cycle discounts on training aids, heart rate monitors, GPS and other products.

Chain Reaction Cycle Brands

Top brands are
  • Vitus Cravel/cx, Vitus Urban bikes, Vitus eBikes and Vitus Kids bikes
  • Nikeproof bikes, Nikeproof components and Nikeproof clothing
  • Shimano 
  • dhb clothing line with dhb road clothing, mtb clothing and dhb footwear for cycling
  • Garmin
  • Prime carbon wheels, Prime alloy wheels, Prime Gravel and Adventure and Prime components and Prime accessories.
In case if you prefer to cycle indoor, then Chain Reaction Cycle has a great selection of indoor bikes to help you to enjoy the ride and watch your favourite more at home.

FAQs from Chain Reaction Cycles UK Discount Codes & Promos

You can shop online, but you can also dive in the cycling world in the shop in Belfast. Please see the full address below: Chain Reaction Cycles, 1 Balmoral Plaza, Boucher Road, Belfast, County Antrim, BT12 6HR, Northern Ireland.
Found a lower price? Do not worry, simply notify Chain Reaction Cycles within seven days that some of your products were cheaper on their competitors' site and they will refund the difference.
The electric bike has a motor that works by automatically switching on the quiet motor pedal. You still need to pedal when you are on e-bike, however, it is easier to pedal an electric bike than a standard bike.
Yes, please check out UKDiscountHub to see the latest discounts and vouchers and get your favourite bike for cheaper.
According to Global Brands Magazine, the top 5 bicycle brands are: Trek Bicycle Corporation, Connondale, Kona Bikes, Colnago.

Chain Reaction Cycles Customer Service

If you have any questions, please call on 028 90 682703 or email at

FREE Chain Reaction Cycles Delivery

If you spend over £9, then your delivery is free of charge. Please see other shipping options below: Priority Tracked Delivery: £2.99  Collect+: £2.99 if order under £9, free if over  Next-Day Tracked: £4.99  Next-Day AM: £9.99  Tracked Bulky Delivery & Bikes: Free

 Expired Vouchers

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  • Clearance savings on cycling components - Up to 70% off with  promo
  • Save up to 60% off RRP on Clothing
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  • Up to 40% off RRP on Workshop at Chain Reaction Cycles

How to use discount and voucher codes?

Visit ukdiscounthub website and type Chain Reaction Cycles in the search box. Visit the Chain Reaction Cycles page, where deals and vouchers are being gathered for you. Please note that not all deals will require a code. You can filter the page by Discount Codes and Deals. In the Deals section, simply click on the deal and browse. You do not need to apply the code at the checkout because the price drop is already applied at their website.  However, if you check the Discount Code section, select a code and copy it. You will then be referred to the Chain Reaction Cycles website. Browse their website and add a product you like to the basket. In the box, enter a code from ukdiscounthub, and you will be able to see how much you saved. 


Some people can be very sceptical of clearance events, not understanding why would anyone drop a price for a good quality product. Well, there is much different reason, and one of them could be that a company needs extra storage in a warehouse and already bought new products, and they do not have enough space to store the items. So do not worry that clearance events are just a made up sale that does not even exist. Bike clearance events exist, and they are very real. So when you see a Clearance, then do not hesitate and check out all bike deals available there, and you can save a great amount of money on your favourite products.

Red Hot Drops

You can find over 500 brands at Chain Reaction Cycle, but what is more important you can find loads of deals on our page for the brands like 
  • Fox Suspension
  • Castelli
  • RockShox
  • Oakley
  • and many more


Are you new to cycling, or are you simply not sure of what bike to buy. Maybe you have never bought anything about Chain Reaction Cycles before, and you need to see what other people think about them. Well, worry no more. They have a partnership with Trustpilot to ensure that their customer has no doubts about them and their products. At the moment, they have over 80k reviews, and their rating is very high, of 9.1 out of 10. So no need to worry; trust Chain Reaction Cycle and find your dream bike.

Newsletter Benefits

Suppose you are not in a hurry to buy a bike and simply have an idea of buying a bike at some point. Then why not join the Chain Reaction Cycle newsletter and wait when a great deal come in. They often communicate great bike deals via emails. So stay tuned and buy a great bike at the lowest price possible. 

Top 10 Benefits to Cycling

There are loads of benefits of cycling in the, and we gathered top 10 for you:
  1. Cycling improves mental well-being. People who suffer from depression noticed that cycling significantly helped.
  2. Strengthen your immune system by cycling
  3. Cycling promotes weight loss, so if you want to stay fit, cycling will help you get the shape you want. 
  4. Cycling builds muscle
  5. You can enjoy second breakfasts after cycling.
  6. Cyclists have better lung health.
  7. Cycling cuts heart disease and cancer risk
  8. Cycling is low impact.
  9. Cycling saves time
  10. Cycling improves navigational skills.
It is great when you love cycling, and you have been doing this for a while. What if you are entirely new to thins and do not know where to start and which bike to choose. There is an excellent variety of bikes because people were kept on designing and redesigning the bikes for their needs. Loads of bloggers and bike enthusiasts were writing content about different bikes. Some brands conducted interviews, and others described the models. We found a list of their top brands on the Chain Reaction Cycles website, and we decided to provide you with a little bit more information about them.

Vitus Bikes

The first brand on the list was Vitus. It looks like Vitus bikes is a prominent supplier for Chain Reaction Cycles because they stock a wide range of the bikes: Vitus Cycle Cross Bikes, Vitus Electric Bikes, Vitus Hybrid Bikes, Vitus City Bikes, Vitus Kids Bikes, Vitus Mountain Bikes, Vitus Road Bikes and Vitus TT Bikes. They also have a category both for female Vitus bikes and male Vitus bikes. Vitus was born in France in the 1930s. There are some legendary moments in the history of Vitus that the brand is very proud about, when Sean Kelly was onboard the Vitus 979 as the worlds number 1. Vitus is once the world's largest manufacturer of aluminium bikes. They heavily invested in the technology and quality of the products. After that was a period of uncertainty and the Vitus even closed their door. Thankfully a new owner gave a second chance to the brand, and little by little, Vitus became a big brand again. In 2020 Vitus welcomed the legend Rob Warner, Joe Smith and Helen Jenkins. 


Another big supplier of Chain Reaction Cycles is Nukeproof and is proudly on the list of the top brands. They stock Nukeproof bikes, Nukeproof Frames, Nukeproof Forks, Nukeproof Components, Nukeproof Wheels, Nukeproof Tyres, Nukeproof Clothing, Nukeproof Protection, Nukeproof Nutrition and Training, Nukeproof Workshops and Nukeproof Accessories. You can easily break down this by female and male products.  Nukeproof were established in 1990 in Michigan. Their main focus was mountain bikes, and they were one of the first mountain bikes company to use Carbon and Titanium fibre in products. Like Vitus, this brand also had a bit of a struggle in the 2000s because the market was declining. The downhill racer Micheal Cowan bought the brand and rebuilt the team. The team was moved to Belfast.


Another big and important supplier is Endura. Endura is specialising in clothing, and they have well-designed clothes that racers need. Chain Reaction Cycles has a wide range of Endura clothing, Endura footwear, Endura protection. If you visit the website, often you might find some great deals on Endura shorts, great discounts on Endura gloves and promos on Endura jackets and so on. Not to say that the footwear of the Endura brand is proved to be one of the most reliable overshoes for cycling. Endura Overshoes comes at an affordable price and often being on sale with greater discounts. And you think this is all that Endura can offer, then how about amazing Endura Chamois Cream, which is essential for body care. Giving the fact that we started talking about protection, it is important to mention that Endura Helmets comes with different clours, designs and shapes. Endura also can offer Knee Protectors or Knee Pads. Another great product that they have is Endura Elbow protectors. When it comes to protection on the bike, it is important to invest in good quality protection, and some of the products can be costly. Chain Cycle Reaction understands that, and from time to time, they offer a great discount on Endura Helmets, promos on Endura Elbow Protects and others.


It would have been weird if Shimano were not on the list. Chain Reaction Cycles stock Shimano components, Shimano Wheels and Tyres, Shimano Clothing, Shimano Footwear and Shimanoworkshop. Shimano components are not cheap, but Chain Reaction Cycles offers a price drop, so if you visit their site, you might find various discounts on Shimano: Components discounts, Shimano bracket discounts, Shimano Speed Chain Price Drop, Shimano Cassette discounts and many others. In case if you are in the market for a Shimano wheel, you can find a great discount on that on Chain Reaction Cycles.  In case if you want to buy shoes that are specifically designed for cycling, then go no further. Shimano shoes are made specifically for cycling/ Chain Reaction Chains have Shimano shoes available in different sizes, shapes and colours. Some of the Shimano shoe discounts are also available on site. Invest in good quality shoes for a comfortable ride.


If Chain Reaction Cycles included Continental in their top brands, then it means that it is definitely worth checking out. Chain Reaction Cycles stock Continental Wheels and Tyres, Continental Workshops and Continental Accessories. Chains Reaction Cycles thinks that Continental Tyres Discounts are important for their customers, and they do price drops quite often. What can be better than a great discount on a good quality product?


Did you know that Chain Reaction Cycles stock LifeLine products? You can find great promos and deals on LifeLine clothing, wheels, tyres, frames and forks. Check out LifeLine Anti Pollution Mask, which is often available with a discount.

DHB clothing

If you enjoy cycling and have been doing this for a while, you probably already know of a great clothing line produced by DHB. Chain Reaction Cycles has DHB clothes and shoes, and some of them are on sale. In DHB, you can find products available with discounts, such as DHB arm warmers, and some of them sometimes go to 50% off. DHB is also producing short sleeves base layers and also long sleeves base layers. Both of these product types are often available on sale. In case if you want to get an affordable classic cycling cap, check out DHB. They have skull caps, hats, buffs and headbands. You can find anything you like to cover your head with the product designed specifically for cycling. Another important DHB product is gloves. When you are cycling, it is also good exercise and cardio, but your hands are staying still, so they can easily get cold or wet. It is important to have gloves just right for cycling. Luckily, DHB gloves are designed for this particular purpose. On the Chain Reaction Cycles website, you can find a great discount on DHB gloves.

Fox Racing

Another great brand on the list is Fox Racing. They are specialising in clothing and protection. They invest in quality, so you get what you pay for. Chain Reactions Cycles often offer price drop on Fox Raxing gloves, jerseys, shorts, pants. Fox Racing Helmet Discounts is another reason why you should visit their Fox Racing section on the Chain Reaction Cycles website.


If you need good and affordable tyres, then go no further. Check out Schwalbe discounts on tyres available through the Chain Reaction Cycles website.


Do you like the brand Campagnolo? If yes, then you will like even more Campagnolo discounts on the Chain Reaction Website. They stock Campagnolo components, wheels and tyres, workshops and accessories. The range of Campagnolo components will leave you satisfied with its variety: from Campagnolo bottom brackets to Campagnolo Brake Pads Spares and Cables, From Campagnolo Cassettes to Campagnolo headsets and gear cables. Campagnolo wheelset is not cheap, but the quality is so good that it worth every penny you spend. Chain Reaction Cycles offers great discounts on the wheels and tyres that will help you to save few hundreds of pounds, which you can invest somewhere else.


Another recommended brand from Chain Reaction Cycles is Brand-X. They stock Brand-X bikes, Brand-X Frames and Tyres, Brand-X Components, Brand- X Wheels and Tyres, Brand-X protection. The brand is very affordable, and it becomes even more affordable with Chain Reaction Cycles discounts. Check out their site to see codes and price drops for various Brand-X products.


Another Chain Reaction Cycles favourite brand is Hope. Hope is famous for its range of components. You can find pretty much everything you need, from Bar End Plug to headsets, from pedals to brakes.


Prime supplier is another great brand that Chain Reaction Cycles work with. If you wonder what can you buy from them, then below you can find the full list: Prime Bottom Brakes Prime Brake Pads Prime Brake Spares Prime Brakes Prime Chain Guides Prime Handlebar Tape Prime Handlebars Prime Saddles Prime Seatposts Prime Stems

Cycling Clothing

When you are new to cycling, you might not know about various little tricks that clothing brands designed for riders needs. It is very important to view the cycling clothing section on Chain Reaction Cycles. Sometimes we think that wearing any sports clothes we have at home will be enough for an enjoyable ride, but there are plenty of other clothes that would help you to protect yourself and make your ride more comfortable. Below is the list of the clothing items we recommend you consider buying:
  • Anti-Pollution Masks
When you are on a ride, it is important to wear an anti-pollution mask that will help you to breathe easily and protect your lungs. You can find great anti-pollution masks discounts.
  • Beanies and Caps
If you are outside on a sunny day, it is important to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Cycling Shoes
Shoes are very important when it comes to cycling. You need to make sure that you feel comfortable pedalling. If shoes are slippery, it can turn cycling into an unpleasant experience. So if you want to enjoy the ride, check out the wide range of cycling shoes. Chain Reaction Cycles are working with multiple sports brands that specialise in creating shoes just for cyclists. So you can be sure that the shoes you wear would feel great on your legs and help you enjoy the ride.
  • Overshoes
Overshoes is a great invention for a winter ride. If you wear great cycling shoes but the weather is not great, and you have frozen toes, then your shoes consider overshoes. It might not be a glam look, but you would definitely feel warm and enjoy the ride. Chain Reaction Cycles offer a great discount on them and they work with brands like VeloToze, Sportful, Ralpha, Northwave, GripGrab, Endura, dhb, Defeet, Castelli, Assos, Ale. Sometimes you can find overshoes from as little as £3.50.
  • Shirts
If you like to stay classy on the ride, you can consider buying comfortable shirts that would have a great design and keep you classy while cycling.
  • Arm Warmers
Have you heard about Arm Warmers before? Wat a great invention! Arms warmers are long sleeves that you can wear if you get a little chilly. So no need to bring a jacket with you. Arm warmers do not occupy much space and can provide extra comfort in case if the weather changes
  • Leg Warmers
We all know that shorts are probably the most important piece of clothing for riding. So to give up your favourite shorts in case if the weather is not great sometimes is not an option. Leg Warmers would be a great thing to have that will provide you extra comfort while you keep wearing the shorts.


Protection is probably the most important aspect of the ride. That is what Chain Reaction Cycles spent a lot of time to select a great option for you to choose from. They have 4 main sections that offer Body Armour Discounts, Googles Discount, Helmets Discounts and Neck Braces Discounts. They want you to stay protected at affordable prices.
  • Body Armour
There are a lot of promos, discounts and codes on ankle support, roost guards, Knee Pads, Body Armour Suits, Knee Braces, Body Armour Underwear.
  • Googles
Your eyes should be extra protected during the ride from sun, insects and dust. You should keep them on and invest in a good quality lens. There are great vouchers and price drops available on cycling googles, so you should check out Chain Reaction Cycling products to find a great product at an affordable price.
  • Helmets
Needless to say that Helmets are probably the most important protection to have. You can shop by Dirt Jump Helmets, MBT Helmets, Kids Helmets, Helmets Spares and Full Face Helmets. The prices start from as little as £10. We suggest investing in a helmet because Chain Reaction Cycles are offering great promos on helmets. You can find a great selection of brands such as 100%, 7 iDP, Abus, Bell, Endura, Kask, Leatt, Mavic, dhb, MET, POC, SixSixOne, Troy Lee Designs, Giro and many others.
  • Neck Braces
Last but not least are Neck Braces and Neck Braces Spares that you can find on the site with some additional price drops and discounts. The brands that Chain Reaction Cycles are working with are MTB and BMX. The prices start from £12.