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Chemist Direct is the leading online retailer, offering the easiest and smartest way to look after health by selecting the over-the-counter medication and first aid products.

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More About Chemist Direct

Chemist Direct is a UK Online Pharmacy that stock a broader spectrum of cosmetic and healthcare products than an average high street pharmacy. The reason for that is that they work with the world's leading brands directly, which helps them to provide their customers with the latest and best products. They work with such brands as L'Oreal, Regaine, Alli, Nannycare, Tena, Aptamil and Nicorette. Chemist Direct stock everything from beauty products and the latest hair to healthcare products and over-the-counter medicines.  The great benefit of choosing Chemist Direct is that it allows you to access the site 24/7 and get your medicine shipped straight to your door. Chemist Direct has a mission to help you and your family to stay healthy. If you check the Pharmacy department, you can book an Online Doctor service. 

How to shop at Chemist Direct?

At Chemist Direct, you can shop by health conditions, skin conditions, baby conditions, intimate health or organic range. Depending on your health condition, you can buy a medicine within any of the below categories:

Allergy and Hay Fever Medicine Discounts

Check out UKDiscountHub for Chemist Direct Allergy and Hay Fever discounts. You can find a great deal from allergy tablets to nasal spray, from eye drops to creams and itch relief, from oral solutions to alternative treatments. Check any therapy that suits you the most. Chemist Direct offers discounts on multiple brands such as Zirtek, Piriton, Clarityn, Otrivine, Optivrom, Optex Murine, Nail Med and many others. 

Headache and Pain Relief Medicine Discounts

If you a headache or any pain that causes you discomfort, you can find medicine discounts for general headache, general pain relief, migraines, muscle and joint pain, children pain relief. Chemist Direct offer discounts on brands like Flexiseq, Voltarol, Nurofen, Paracetamol, Panadol, Anadin, 4Head, Migraleve, Calpon, Solpadeine, Deep Heat, Archi, Ibuprofen, Aspirin and many more.

Baby Medicine Discounts at Chemist Direct

Why not check a good promo or deal on baby milk and formula, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, bathing and changing, baby food and weaning, infant medicines, maternity and conception, soothers and teethers, starter kits and bundles. At Chemist Direct, you can find deals and promos on such baby brands as Aptamil, Cow and Gates, Pampers, DryNites, WaterWipes, Woodwards and many more.

Discounts on Cold, Cough and Flu medicine at Chemist Direct

Whether you have a cough or a sore throat, you should check out the cold and flu medicine deal at Chemist Direct. They have discounts on cough remedies, congestion relief, fever remedies, tissues and sanitisers and different face mask. Chemist Direct often offers a good deal on Lemsip. Beechams, Benylin, Covonia, Strepsils, Sudafed, Sinex, OptiBac, Immunace.

Stomach and Bowel Medicine Discounts

If you have heartburns or indigestions, check out promos at Chemist Direct for Nexium, Caviscon and other medicine.s In case if you happen to have Diarrhoea, check out deals for Imodium or Diaralyte Relief. If you need an excellent AnuSol Discount or Germoloids discounts, then go no further. Order them online at Chemist Direct. If you need a good voucher on Nausea and Vomiting medicine, why not checking ukdiscounthub and find a good deal on Pepto Bismol, Movicol or Senokot. You can find treatment at an affordable price for the trapped winds such as Deflatine, Infacol or WindSetlers. And sometimes a stomach ache can be caused by worms. At Chemist Direct, you can find a cure for that too! Find a good deal on Ovex medicine. At Chemist Direct, you can find medicine for many other illnesses, such as thrush treatment, Fungal Treatment, First Aid and many more.


It is essential to protect yourself during the pandemic. Chemist Direct Prepared a separate section where they have categories of products you will need during a pandemic to help you to stay safe.

Hand Wash Promos

Buy Wash Soap and Gels from the brands like Carex, Dettol, Wrights, Clinell and many others. Check out their Hand wash section to find a significant discount.

Wipes Deals

If you are on the way, it is handy to have wipes to disinfect your hands or a surface. Check our Wipes deals at Chemist Direct. They offer discounts on multiple brands. The brands they work with are Dettol Wipes, Green Shield Wipes, Clinell Cleansing Clothes and others. 

Face Mask and Covering Deals

Chemist Direct Masks Discounts are very impressive, so please check their face mask and covering promos and deals. They have a range from reusable face masks to disposable face mask. They also stock a full face shield. Nowadays, a face mask became not only a protection but also a part of the outfit. Fashion Trends 2021 say that black face masks are trendy. At Chemist Direct, you can find a face mask of many different colours, so definitely worth checking out, especially given the fact that you buy a mask from the pharmacy.


Disinfection is the key, so check out a huge range of Dettol products, from travel wipes and wound wash to Dettol soap and Dettol Disinfectant.

Immunity Supplements

Check out deals on supplements from OptiBac to Tonic and Sambucol.

Gloves Deals

Chemist Direct has a stock of both unbranded and Safe and Sound gloves. Check out their deals on ukdiscounthub.


Chemist Direct Tissues deals go up to 50% off. There are loads of brands to choose from, The Cheeky Panda tissues to Cliness and Kleenex tissues.

Thermometers deals

Check out great thermometers discounts at ukdiscounthub. Some deals sometimes go over 50% off thermometers. Chemist Direct work with brands like Kinetik Wellbeing, Safe and Sound, Suresign and Tommee Tippee.

More about Vitamins

There are 13 crucial vitamins for our body. Sometimes people have their routine in life, or they simply do not care much about what food they eat, which can lead to a deficiency of a certain vitamin. Chemist Direct offered a guide to Vitamins to Explain how vitamins affect our lives. Vitamin A is also known as Retinol. It helps to heal the immune system, keep skin healthy.  Vitamin C plays an important part in keeping cells healthy and is considered to be a good antioxidant.  Vitamin D is knowns as the 'Sunshine Vitamin' because, compared to other vitamins, we receive Vitamin D mostly from the sunlight. Vitamin D helps us to keep our bones strong.  Vitamin E helps our skin and eyes to stay healthy. Vitamin K helps our wound to heal properly. The interesting fact is that newborn babies receive vitamin K immediately after birth. Vitamin B1 is also called Thiamin. It helps release energy from food and keep the nervous system healthy. Vitamin B2 also helps to release energy from food. It keeps the eyes, skin, and nervous system healthy. An interesting fact and tip are that UV light can destroy Vitamin B2, so food that contains vitamin B should be kept away from the sunlight. Vitamin B3 helps to release energy from the food we eat and keeps the nervous system and skin healthy.  Pantothenic acid helps to convert food into fuel for energy.  Biotin assists the body in converting carbohydrates into fuel and helps to metabolise fats and proteins. Vitamin B6  helps to body to use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in the food and form haemoglobin (the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen).  Vitamin B12 is involved in created red blood cells that keep the nervous system healthy, releasing energy from food, and using folic acid.  Folate is a B vitamin found

FAQs from Chemist Direct Discount Codes & Promos

No, but you can get it from their sister company Pharmacy 2 U. UKDiscountHub also works with them, so check out their latest deals on Pharmacy 2 U page.
Yes, you can get free delivery on orders over £40. This will be delivered to you in 3-5 days.
Yes, you do not need to worry about the company. Over 3million people shopped with them. The company also have over 70,000 reviews.
Regular household disinfection and cleaning products will remove the virus from household surfaces and kill the bacteria.
According to who, fabric masks should be made of three layers of fabric: The outer layer should be made with non-absorbent material. The middle layer should be made of non-woven non-absorbent material. The inner layer should be absorbent material

Free returns at Chemist Direct

We know that sometimes you change your mind about the product; at Chemist Direct, you do not need to worry about this because you can return your order within 14 working days and receive a full refund. 

Chemist Direct Free Delivery

Forget the extra costs at Chemist Direct as you can enjoy a free delivery because your order is over £40. Your products will arrive at your doorsteps after 3-5 days. 

Price Promise Guarantee at Chemist Direct

What can be more annoying than buying a product and then realise that it was cheaper elsewhere? With the Chemist Direct price match policy, you can get a significant refund of the difference. Let Chemist Direct know about it, and their team will match the price for you, and there is more as you will not need to pay the Delivery.

How to apply the Chemist Direct discount code?

  • Choose an offer at ukdiscounthub and copy the code. Please note that sometimes offers do not require any code.
  • Follow the link to the Chemist Direct website and select products into your basket. 
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Enter your discount code into the box under "my items" and click to confirm code." 
  • You will be able to see the discount.
  • Please complete the purchase following the instruction on site.

Expired Chemist Direct deals and vouchers

  • Get £5 off Orders over £50 at Chemist Direct
  • £10 off Orders over £100 at Chemist Direct
  • Free Delivery when joining a newsletter At Chemist Direct
  • Immunity Supplements from £4 at Chemist Direct
  • 25% off Piri Products at Chemist Direct
  • Get 12% Off Orders at Chemist Direct

Contact Chemist Direct

Write to Chemist Direct at Lumina, Park Approach, Thorpe Park, Leeds LS15 8GB You can also call them on 0121 541 180 or simply use a contact via email   Chemist Direct is an online pharmacy and healthcare retailer based in the UK. The company offers a wide range of products, including prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins and supplements, skincare and beauty products, and health and wellness items. Chemist Direct was founded in 2007 with the mission of providing an easy and convenient way for people to access healthcare products and services. The company's online platform allows customers to order products and prescriptions online and have them delivered directly to their door. One of the key benefits of shopping with Chemist Direct is its affordability. The company offers competitive prices on many products, and customers can save even more by taking advantage of regular sales and promotions. Additionally, Chemist Direct offers free standard delivery on orders over a certain amount, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers. Another advantage of shopping with Chemist Direct is its commitment to customer service. The company has a team of registered pharmacists who are available to provide advice and answer questions, and customer service representatives are available by phone or email to assist with orders and address any issues that may arise. Overall, Chemist Direct is a reliable and convenient option for those looking to purchase healthcare products and medications online. With competitive pricing, a wide selection of products, and a commitment to customer service, the company has established itself as a trusted leader in the online pharmacy industry. In addition to its core product offerings, Chemist Direct also provides a range of additional services designed to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for customers. These include:
  1. Online prescription ordering: Customers can order their prescription medications online and have them delivered directly to their door. The company works with registered UK pharmacies to ensure that all prescriptions are handled safely and securely.
  2. Repeat prescription service: For customers who require regular medication, Chemist Direct offers a repeat prescription service. This allows customers to have their medication delivered automatically on a recurring basis, ensuring that they never run out.
  3. Health and wellness advice: The company's website features a range of articles and resources on health and wellness topics, including tips for managing specific conditions and maintaining overall health and wellbeing.
  4. Travel clinic: Chemist Direct operates a travel clinic service that provides vaccinations, medications, and advice for travellers. The service is designed to help customers prepare for trips abroad and ensure that they stay healthy while travelling.
Overall, Chemist Direct is a comprehensive online healthcare retailer that offers a wide range of products and services designed to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for customers. With its focus on affordability, customer service, and convenience, the company has become a popular choice for those looking to purchase healthcare products and medications online. The description above was generated by ChatGPT.