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Clarks is a shoe brand with trendy designs and high quality, diversifying people’s wardrobes of different ages and styles. 

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History of Clarks

The retailer was founded in 1825 by James and Cyrus Clarks. It was always essential for them to use new technology and develop new types of footwear. So, the brand was the first one what created foot-shaped shoes. Nowadays, many styles of Clarks shoes became iconic, for example, Clarks Desert Boot, which Nathan Clark created in 1950.  

Clarks Morden Slavery Statement

Clarks leads the policy of fair manufacturing and payment to employees for their work. In addition, the factory policy is against slavery conditions, so it is important to create safety circs for people connected with footwear production.

Who does Clarks support?

Clarks sustains three impactful organisations, which are connected with the fight against coronavirus and sociable aid.  These three organisations are "Direct Relief", "National Emergencies Trust", and "UNICEF". The first company, "Direct Relief", is sponsored by Clarks in delivering masks, gloves, isolation gowns and other protective stuff to medical organisations across the UK.

Also, in the UK, they maintain the National Emergencies Trust (NET), an organisation helped by the British Red Cross that raises supplies for organisations that provide essential sustain to people quickly. The NET’s focus areas include giving food to people in need, supporting helpless children while institutions are closed and supporting to improve psychic wellbeing.

In Asia, we are willing to Unicef’s East Asia Pacific Region’s stopping efforts and aid for children and families. In addition to giving protective gear and many devices, UNICEF started handwashing campaigns for teens and offered guidance for frontline health employees to detect kids affected by the coronavirus.

Ecology Responsibility

Clarks recognises the environmental difficulties that our planet meets. That is why we think it is vitally essential to work on problems like climate change quickly and innovatively, not only to meet clients' expectations but to protect our ecosystem for future generations as well. The Sustainable Development Goals guide the brand on climate activism and responsible using & production. It has acted to advance the sustainability of packaging, source our leather responsibly, reduce hothouse gas emissions, raise our use of renewable power sources and turn rubbish from landfills.

FAQs from Clarks Discount Codes & Promos

Yes, in the Clarks store you can buy a gift card from £5 to £200, but it cannot be used in the online shops but can be used in every retailer in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.
The first reason is comfort, which is guaranteed for you. Clarks provides a healthy stay for your feet because of materials and 3D models of high quality. The second reason is good prices that make Clarks available for all people. And the third one - style and variety of different types of shoes. So you can find footwear for each occasion and preference and stay beautiful in comfort.

Delivery Policy

Clarks does not deliver the merchandise abroad of the United Kindom. You can receive your purchase in 2-5 days, depending on the way of delivery you choose. If it is a sale period, the delivery can last longer than 5 days—the delivery costs from £4 to £7. If your purchase costs more than £75, the delivery will be free!