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About Currys PC World

Currys-PC-World   Did you know that Currys PC World is a brand owned by Dixons Carphone? Yes, you heard it right. Dixons Carphone has 14 brands in 8 countries around Europe. Altogether, they work hard to help everyone to enjoy the amazing technology with over 44k employees. But let's learn about Currys PC World itself. Currys PC World is a British retailer that operated not only in the United Kingdom but also in the Republic of Ireland. At Currys PC World, you can buy over 16000 different electrical products, from fridges to laptops, from washing machines to cameras, from phones to fitness trackers. Currys PC World sells both online and in-store and has hundreds of shops around the UK.

Early Years of Currys Brand

Currys brand was established in 1927 as a family business. However, the initial family business was selling bicycles. Henry Currys was bicycle manufacture and had four sons. When he retired in 1909, his brothers started running the shop. Initially, they were selling bicycles, gramophones, toys and radios. However, in 1932 they closed their factory but continue selling bikes until 1960. Meanwhile, a family member, who also was a director, called Dennis Currys worked hard on expanding Currys brand, offering customers a wide variety of TVs and white goods (washing machines, refrigerations, other domestic appliances).  In 1984 Currys already had 570 shops.

Early Years of PC World

In 1991, Vision Technology Group Ltd opened the first PC World shop. Just a year later the annual turnover was £50 million.  2 years later, Dixons Carphone purchased the chain. At that moment, the chain had only 4 PC World shops. They worked hard on expanding the brand, and soon there were many PC World shops around the UK. 

Currys and PC World combination

In 2008, Dixons Retail started a trial to combine Currys and PC World shops. The first trial took place in The Headrow in Leeds. The trial was successful, and nowadays all shops are being connected. Moreover, there was a major online migration, where all PC World products are being moved to Currys site, and PC World website no longer exists.  

FAQs from Currys PC World Discount Codes & Promos

White Goods are large electricals, for example fridges and washing machines, typically white in colour. However, this does this phrase became very popular and white goods are being applied to any fridge regardless of its colour. In other words, white goods mean large domestic appliances.
LKA is an abbreviation for Large Kitchen Appliances, such as cookers, washing machines, fridges, dishwashers. While SKA stands for Small Kitchen Appliances. Examples of Small Kitchen Appliances are kettles, toasters, food mixers, juicers and blenders.
Currys PC World is fully open online, but you can see opening ours of each Currys store here:
Currys PC World does not run a year-round student promotion. This is due to the fact that Currys has one of the largest variety of products in the UK. Each product has different margins and stock, so to allow a flat fee for 16000 products would be very hard for the business. However, Currys PC World is always working hard day and night to offer the best possible price, including price match from major retailers. During the back to school campaigns, you can find multiple discounts for students. This period starts in the middle of August till almost October. Another great tip is to watch out for deals during Black Friday! Currys is offering one of the best Black Friday deals on laptops, small kitchen appliances, gaming, TVs and many other products.
Yes, Currys will match against any other UK retailer store or website price including offer-code discounts. However, they will only match the product itself, not delivery, product protections, installations and so on. Another important condition to meet is that the competitor's product must be the same model number. The full list of terms and conditions and application form instructions are presented on Currys official website