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Gtech is on a mission to create the best lifestyle and home products possible. Gtech produce vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, grass and hedge trimmers, bikes, massager and power tools

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About Gtech

Gtech or Grey Technology Ltd. is a British Company which designs and manufactures home and lifestyle products. Nick Grey (CEO of Gtech) started it in 2001.  By now, Gtech has sold over more than 22 million products in 19 countries. Gtech had developed the world’s first cordless power sweeper. And now, Gtech is one of the known experts in the field of cordless technology.

Gtech Vacuum Cleaners

Gtech is offering 4 types of vacuum cleaners: Upright vacuums, Stick Vacuums, Handheld Vacuums and Power Sleepers. What is the pain difference between them, and how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs?

Upright Vacuums

Currently, Gtech is offering 6 products within this category:
  1. Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning the carpet and hard floor. It is an award-winning product that allows you to clean the floor without changing its settings. Visit UKDiscountHub regularly to find a good deal on Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner.
  2. Gtech AirRam K9 vacuum cleaner is designed for a bit tougher challenges. The material it was built from is a bit stronger, and scented cartridges make it perfect for pet lovers. Check out the UK Discount Hub page for Gtech AirRam K9 discount codes.
  3. Gtech System vacuum cleaner is perfect for home cleaning, including upholstery and cars. Check out great deals and promos on Gtech System to get your perfect vacuum cleaner for less.
  4. Gtech System K9 vacuum cleaner is very similar to Gtech System, but it was designed for a stronger clean.
  5. Gtech Hylite vacuum cleaner is the cheapest Gtech Upright Vacuum. It is ultra-compact with only 1.5kg weight. It can easily reach all the tricky area to help you perfectly clean your house. Do not miss out on great deals on Gtech Hylite vacuums. Check out regularly.
  6. Gtech Hylite 2vacuum is a relatively new vacuum, which according to Gtech, is considered to be an improved version of Hylite

Stick Vacuums

Gtech is offering 2 great stick vacuums:
  1. Gtech Pro 2 Vacuum which provides a high-performance cleaning
  2. Gtech Pro K9 vacuum is considered to be an improved version of Pro 2, hence why it is a little bit more expensive. However, if you check ukdiscounthub often, you might find a good deal on Gtech Pro 2 K9

Handheld Vacuums

Currently, there 2 great Handheld vacuums available to purchase at Gtech:
  1. Gtech Multi Vacuum is a great vacuum that fits into your palm.
  2. Gtech Multi K9 Vacuum is even a great Multi Vacuum that is handheld. Check out our website for the latest multi k9 deals and promos.

Power Sleepers

Gtech produced its world’s first power sweeper. They offer two great products in this category:
  1. Gtech SW02 Advanced Power Sleeper
  2. Gtech SW22 Lithium Power Sleeper


Gtech lawnmowers are designed for efficiency and power. Currently, there is a great product at Gtech that customers can buy ant it calls Cordless Lawnmower 2.0. Check Uk Discount Hub for Gtech cordless lawnmowers discount and promos.

Grass Trimmers

Gtech grass trimmers are very lightweight that will help you to cut your lawn to perfection:
  1. Gtech Grass Trimmer GT 4.0 is a great helper for your garden. Check out grass trimmer discounts and code on the Gtech page at our site.
  2. Gtech Grass Trimmer GT50 is another great grass trimmer that will help you keep your garden neat and clean.

Hedge Trimmer

Gtech HT 3.0 Hedge Trimmer is available at Gtech, which is designed for a long reach to help you work higher up and lower down. This hedge trimmer is very easy to use. Check our hedge trimmer discounts and promos at ukdiscounthub

Leaf Blower

Gtech is offering a great lightweight leaf blower that will keep your patio, driveway and lawn clean all year round. Check out leaf blower vouchers and promos at the UK discount hub website.

Heat Wave

Gtech knows exactly what their customer with a great garden needs, and they designed a great heatwave, which is wall mounted. It will heat up in just 6 seconds and provide you not only warmth but also light. If you visit our page often, you might find a great deal on heatwave product.

Gtech’s Adjustable Automated Massaging Bed

Gtech robotic roller moves underneath a contoured bed. Check this massager here.

Gtech Impact Driver 20V

The product has all the great features you need: 20V Battery, LED sport light and 180Nm torque. Check out a great deal on a driver at ukdiscounthub

Gtech Combi Drill 20V

Check out Gtech Drill deal because this drill is a great tool with 20V Battery with hammer, drill and screwdriver modes. It has a capacity of max 30mm wood, 10mm steel and 13mm diameter chuck

Contact Gtech

The company is always ready to help through their live chat feature available on its website. Their customer service offers support and advice each day, or you can mail them your problems. You can contact their support team at 0800 484 0215. If you want to purchase a new product, call their 24-hour order line on 08000 308 794.

Gtech Environmental Policy

The company’s vision is to help without harming the environment. That is why Gtech supports recycling centres run by local authorities. Gtech uses a label on their products and relevant components which identifies electrical products which can be recycled. It also uses recyclable packaging for its products.       

FAQs from Gtech Discount Codes & Promos

Gtech claims that vacuum can run at full capacity 40 minutes after 4-hour charge. This obviously depends on the type of floor.
Yes, the found and CEO, Nick Grey is very experienced. He used to be Head of Product Development at VAX and then decided to create his own brand.
The warranty varies based on the type of product. So all large items have 2 year warranty, while all accessories or spare parts are protected under 6 months warranty.
Free delivery is available for all large items. However, if you buy a smaller item, there is a fee of £3.99
Select a voucher at ukdiscounthub code, and then you will be referred to Gtech website. Apple the selected voucher at the checkout, and you will see that Gtech Discount will reduce the basket fee you need to pay at the end.

Award-winning Gtech products

Gtech company produces varies products from lawncare to floorcare, from eBikes to power products. Their range of hoovers is vary diverse and it includes stick vacuums, upright vacuums, handheld vacuums and power sweepers. If you love your garden and its yard, you should definately check Gtech’s garden products. There you will find everything you need from a grass trimmer to lawnmower, from hedge trimmer to lead blower. These products come with 2 years warranties. Did you know that Gtech also produced eBikes? Even if they are rather new, they already became very popular. Recently they launched a massager, that is a perfect for a stress release and relaxation.

Free delivery at Gtech

At Gtech, customer don’t pay for returns and returns. The standart delivery is available for all orders at Gtech, unless you order accessories or spare parts. Then these items will be shipped at a small fee of £3.99.   

Free Returns at Gtech

Sometimes the items that we purchased need to be rutened for whatever reason and it is good to have such on option. At Gtech you can retunr any item within 30 day at no cost.

Free gifts at Gtech

Who does not like a free gift? Gtech is happy to offer a nice free gift for its customers. Simply select a device that come with a free gift. Some gifts can becar kits, free garden racks and free bags.

Gtech Bundle Offers

Gtech are offering a great bundle option for its customers. Gtech selects Bundle options for floorcare and garden products. This bundle combines an upright hoover and handheld vacuum to assist all your cleaning needs.

Refer a friend

If you are happy with Gtech products, why not to share this with your friends. When you refer a friend, you will gen an exclusive discount on your next purchase. 

Popular Gtech Discount Codes & Deals

The offers are now expired. Below are just some examples of the popular offers that were available recently:
  •  £220 off your new K9 System when you use this Gtech offer code 31 May
  • Get 20% off everything at Gtech
  • £50 off Pro 2 vacuum cleaner with this Gtech discount code
  • Gtech discount code of 30% off new Gtech hylite

Gtech Black Friday 2022 deals and discounts

Black Friday is the perfect time to buy electricals. Gtech’s Black Friday event is no only about 1 day offer, but they 2 weeks mega deals. We are expecting up to 50% off hoovers and lawnmowers.

Gtech COVOID-19 Ventilators

Gtech has made public design details of a medical ventilator. Key features of the ventilator: 1. They conserve oxygen. 2. The ventilator is driven and controlled entirely from the hospital oxygen supply without the need for electricity. 3. A controlled number of cycles per minute, the volume of air delivered, and air pressure according to the patient’s needs. The company hopes that it will help in the battle against COVID-19.