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Proviz is a British retailer selling accessories and sportswear for cycling. Check out the Proviz vouchers and discounts.

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About Proviz

Proviz is an International Sports Brand. They ship worldwide and distribute their products in 40 countries. The premium British lifestyle brand is famous for fashion, style and quality and has the largest range of professional enhanced visibility and reflective sports products. The brand was founded by two brothers back in 2008. Two brothers were commuting to work and they shortly identified the gap in the market which was light-emitting and reflective cycling products. It took them a long time to turn an idea into a big business, becausethey wanted to identify the right manufacturers. After the founders had great feedback from tasters, they launched their first line. Consequently, Proviz started with the Nightrider Collection. However, later they started selling the Classic Collection. The reason why the products were such a great success is that they are made from 100%reflective material which is a modest grey during the day. It was a such great success that it was all over the media, won a couple of awards and was even featured Cycle Revolution Exhibition at the London Design Museum. The growth was organic and loads of Olympians and celebrities started wearing the products. The beauty of this brand is that the founders themselves created this brand because they themselves were cycling and they themselves knew what is good or what is bad in this market. So all their decision is usually based on their own experience just like it was back in 2008 when they knew that price and quality are very important to people. Founders admit that there is nothing more pleasing for them than to see a video, email or photo of a happy customer. So if you buy the product and if you really like it, do not forget to let brothers Bob & Ant Langly-Smith know.

FAQs from Proviz Discount Codes & Promos

Yes, Proviz is partnering with StudentBeans and are offering 10% off for students.
Yes, you can ship worldwide. Check out list of countries and shipping fees on their website.
No, the free delivery is only for the UK customers who spent over £50.
You can contact Proviz by the following numbers: UK and ROW: +44 1202 125288 USA: +1 888 546 7945 Canada: +1 587 804 2863 Australia: +61 2 9052 4905 New Zealand: +64 9 889 6597