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Twinings is one of the most popular tea brands in the UK that satisfy its customers with good quality.

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More about Twinings 

Twinings Teashop is the marketer of tea and other beverages, like coffee, Hot Chocolate, Monin Syrups and Malt Drinks, based in Andover, Hampshire. Associated British Foods owns the brand. Thomas Twining founded the company in 1706.  The retailer has a wide range of varieties of leafy drinks, including black, green and herbal teas, along with fruit-based cold infusions. The oldest Twinings Teashop is in London.

History and How is it Made.

More than 5000 years ago, a Chinese emperor, scholar and herbalist, Shen Nung, noticed this new drink. From this chance happening, tea grew to become popular with the Chinese as both a digestive aid and later became a formal ceremony. Today tea is enjoying a rise in notoriety. People all over the world enjoy this replenishing drink every day and relish the intimacy of tea times with friends and families. This brew has become part of our home, work and parties. Firstly the tea leaves are plucked, and then these leaves are graded and sorted. Then these leaves are taken to the factory, where specific processes take place to get your green, white, black and other types.

Environmental Policies

More than 90% of the brand's current packaging materials are recyclable. However, the company is working to reduce the usage of plastics. From January 2020, the company has changed its regular tea bags into paper bags, which are entirely plant-based and fully biodegradable. The company aims to improve the environmental sustainability of its packaging for the long term.

Delivery and Return Services

The retailer provides Standard UK delivery, Express UK delivery and International delivery services. The company is more than grateful to accept your returned order as long as it is within 30 days of receiving your goods, and the products should not be uncovered, tampered or used. You can get in touch by telephone on 01264 313444 or by filling their 'Contact Us Form.'

Some advice special for you

Do not forget about summer! Please and yourself with a cold infusion drink with berry and herbal aroma. Try to add some MONIN syrup, and you will get a special cocktail that can be good company while watching a film. Invite your friends in winter and make them hot chocolate drinks by the retailer, which will create a cosy atmosphere and get you to stay warm! Be confident about new experiments and try new sorts of infusions. This shop has only good collections of products, and you will be satisfied with new and unordinary tastes of hot and cold drinks!  

FAQs from Twinings Teashop Discount Codes & Promos

Green tea is a good way to low your blood pressure. In addition, much research on LPI showed the benefits of green tea for stabilizing heart stay. So adding this hot drink to your ration can prevent heart attack or stroke. Moreover, tea brand manufacturing uses only organic natural ingredients and materials that negatively influence your health.
First of all, tea contains organic and natural materials, which are healthy for human organisms. Secondly, producing tea pyramids and bags requires sustainable packing of tea, and this process costs a lot.
The tea brand has a system of customer rewords. When customers make some online purchases, it leads to getting points, which in the future you can change for any twinings products you like. The online shop gives you a wide spectrum of tea, syrups and tea accessories.
Of course, tea contains caffeine, but much less than coffee. All types of tea have caffeine, such as black, white, green and oolong tea. For example, only a quarter of the cup of coffee has the same concentration of caffeine as a cup of black tea. What about gluten? Tea does not have gluten because it contains just herbs or berries, or fruits. However, if you use milk for making tea, your drink will contain gluten.
This is a kind of beverage that you can make without boiling water. It is enough to get a pyramid with leaves and put it into water. This is a perfect way to make a tasty cold drink in the summer and save yourself from heat.